Miguel Sanchez Ramirez Print

Microsoft Project

Location: Latin America

Project Description: The purpose of the project was able to interact with Lutron's Quantum system and achieve maximum use of natural light reduces energy consumption in the building. Also, we sought the comfort of the user, using an automatic control system where no employee could make use of the blinds, because their movement would be based with the simulation of an astronomical clock which was provided by Lutron, avoiding direct entry sunlight, but allowing the entry of natural light. Also with the automatic movement of blinds, we could reduce the consumption of air conditioning because the louvers can reduce the temperature inside the building. With this design and many other factors, LEED certification can be achieved since the building has many rules to be a "green building."

Also, we can integrate RQ60AUMH cards with audio and video systems in conference rooms and auditorium, this is controlled by CRESTRON processors. Through this we provide the user with well-defined scenes, for example, for presentations, placing the blinds to 50%. For projections, completely closed, etc.

Finally, to Microsoft, this building is an icon of technology in Latin America and is important to note that ESI and Gabin are there.