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Mink Creek Project 

Architect: None

Project Description: Coming in late on a project that was pre-wired with Lutron “Red” wiring we had to have a solution that was bullet proof when providing a more cost effect window covering product that could be integrated with Lutron HomeWorks.  ESI was that solution. The Lutron Integrator was impressed with not only the abilities of the RQ motor controls and ease of RS-232 interface but with the great  tech support they were given as they got the two products communicating as well. It’s great to watch as one more Lutron Integrator becomes a ESI believer!

This project as a whole went fairly smooth but what I’d like to offer to others is my solution to the challenge of testing shades while being on a job by yourself.  As most control rooms are located in the basement while the shades are on other floors, I was flirting with having an early heart attack as I’d be forced to run up and down the stairs confirming each shades status individually or in it’s groups. You can imagine the time wasted by this method of visually checking the shades. I found a great solution that I used to speed this process up.  I purchased a Summer Infants:  Best View model baby video monitor. The hand held monitor allowed me to control the pan (330 degrees) & tilt of the camera placed upstairs.  This wireless setup has a range of 350 feet.  Due to the open floor plan of this home, I was able pan the camera and view the operation of the shades in two rooms; all from my location in the A/V room in the basement.  (Three additional pan & tilt cameras can be added to the system if needed.) With the tilt I could view the upper windows operating as well. Even the audio monitoring was a plus as I was able to confirm shades working in the adjoining rooms. This solution allowed me to test and troubleshoot problems in a 1/4th of the time.