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Suncatch Project

Southern California

Architect: Norm Applebaum

Project Description: The 54,000 sq ft Residence, labeled Suncatch by the Architect, was a project over 7 years in the making.  The motorized roller shades were a particular challenge, with floor to ceiling glass windows and with compound angled ceilings.  Skyco designed a shading system that would fit in the limiting ceiling pocket and drop to a level plane for operation.  Once the shades were rolled up, the boxes retract into the ceiling, hidden from view.  Electronics Solutions worked closely with Skyco, making sure their control offerings would allow Skyco’s solution to be realized.  The Suncatch residence has been deemed one of the great houses of the 21st century, and Skyco Shading Systems had a part in making it using ESI controls.

We chose ESI controls not only because of their quality and customer service, but also their flexibility.  We wanted to use their controllers in a new application and they were behind us all the way.  

After waiting 7 years to move into their new residence, needless to say the homeowners were anxious to get in the house.  The problem was that the integrator wasn’t able to get the shades operational through Lite Touch and Crestron before the move-in date.  So Skyco was able to use ESI’s radio remote transmitters to easily add a temporary radio remote control to each room.  This was a simple addition, and it went a long way to make the homeowner happy during a stressful move-in.  The remote controls were easily removed once the keypads were linked to the shades.  No special programming was needed to make the remote controls work, so no changes were needed once Crestron was in control.