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Canadian Projects Ltd.

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada; Architect: Canadian Projects Ltd.

Project Description: Residential house with 3 satellite buildings. Main house has approx. 150 RQ60's. All bedrooms have dual blinds, some windows will have roman shades and drapes. Total RQ60 for whole job is approx. 240. We've been on site since late 2006 and are about 60% or so done. As each window or room is completed, I go on site and install the blind and calibrate the RQ60.

The main house home automation system will control the blinds in one or more of the satellite buildings. So the RQ bus had to be extended over 100ft. The RQ Extenders fixed this problem. The Customer requested to be able to see if the window was open or closed. So a custom program was written by ESI for the RQ60 to signal when the dry contact on the window has been open or closed. This aided the home automation system to indicate window status.